POP Peeper Pro 6.6.2 Crack With Registration Key 2023 Download

POP Peeper Pro 6.6.2 Crack With Registration Key 2023

POP Peeper Pro Crack is an email notification that runs on the Windows taskbar and alerts you when there is new email in your POP3, IMAP (with IDLE support), Hotmail / Outlook.com, Yahoo, GMail, MyWay, Excite- , iWon, Lycos, RediffMail, Juno and NetZero accounts. With IMAP support, you can access AOL, AIM, Fast mail and other services. Send email directly from POP Peeper pro crack activation key and use the address book to send emails to the contacts you use the most. POP Peeper pro crack keygen is an interesting and small program, it is a notification about the arrival of e-mail, which is launched and hanging on the Windows task bar and warns you when you have a new email on any of your accounts.

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With POP Peeper Pro Crack Registration key you can view messages with HTML or you can choose to view all messages safely in rich text or plain text. Several options are available that reduce or eliminate the risk of reading your email (viruses, javascript, web bugs, etc.). POP Peeper can be run from a portable device and can be password protected. Many notification options are available to indicate when new email arrives, such as audible alerts (configurable for any account), blinking scroll lock, pop-up notification with mask, custom screen saver and more.

In POP Peeper pro crack keygen message searching allows you to quickly find messages by typing in keywords. Advanced searching allows you to specify the location of keywords such as the subject or the sender — and by specifying other constraints, such as when the email was received or the name of an attachment. POP Peeper’s Antigun suite provides an effective method to separate the junk from your legitimate email, thereby reducing the number of “false” new email notifications when you receive spam  POP Peeper pro crack serial key provides several types of filters to help categorize your email and will learn whether the email is spam or real. It provides many Actions that can be performed and can also provide special alerts based on the criteria you set.


  • You can send an e-mail directly from the POP Peeper program, there is also a spell check and the option to use the address book to get in touch with your frequently used contacts.
  • A powerful Antigun system cleans your mailbox so you are not distracted by new email just to understand that it is spam again.
  • POP Peeper has been added to Game-Debate, but currently does not have the POP Peeper system requirements.
  • If the software is less than 3 years old and you know the system requirements, send it to Felix and we will update it. If possible, also send a link to the source of the system requirements to help us validate the information.
  • With POP Peeper you can view messages with HTML or you can safely view all messages in plain or rich text.
  • The software can be launched from a portable device and is password protected from prying eyes.
  • There are many notification options available that indicate when a new message has arrived, for example sound notifications (customizable for each account), skin pop-up notification, voice notification, etc.
  • POP Peeper also implements standard security measures,
  • Those interested can now download POP Peeper, do it for free in a direct link, in the archive you will also find a patch that will cure the program from greed.


  • Spell check in real time and on demand
  • Personal dictionaries allow you to add your own words
  • The right-click menu makes it easy to select the correct spelling
  • Additional languages ​​are available for download
  • Turn off spell check only for the current message
  • Optional sound when you misspell a word


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Main Features:

  • Anti Junk Filter the junk from your legitimate email using effective tools. This enhances POP Peeper’s primary focus of email notification by alerting you of legitimate email and ignoring the spam.
  • Spell Checker Spell checks your text in real-time when composing email.
  • Profile Picture Display an image associated with the sender when viewing email.
  • Move Messages Move messages to other folders on the IMAP server.
  • Web of Trust Use the WOT community to protect you from scams and untrustworthy websites.
  • Sound notifications: single sound for any new mail, or a customized sound for each account
  • Tray icon notification that display the color and number of new messages for each account
  • Flashing scroll-lock or numb-lock LED
  • Windows popup indicating which account(s) received new email
  • Balloon Tip displays the subject and sender of the last email message received
  • Automatically open POP Peeper or launch your email client when new email is received


POP Peeper works efficiently and fast too. With this application, you can even read or delete your emails. Having included HTML email, you can always see your email as they come into your email client. The viewing options have the general operations like forward, reply, print and the possibility to navigate from the message viewer to the next or previous messages. For decreasing or eliminating the risk of viruses, web bugs or javascript, you have a few options available. For your safety, you can password-protect your account or the access to POP Peeper. The application has the ability to scan your messages before opening your email client for you to delete the ones you don’t want to read.

POP Peeper can import CSV files, thanks to its Address Book loader. If you’re interested in the source of any message, you can easily view it by viewing the complete header information. You can easily send, save and open your file attachments from POP Peeper too. What about email notification options? You can customize your notifications giving to each email account a personalized sound or to any new email a sound of its own. For every account, you have a tray icon notification that displays the number and color of the new messages. To know which account received a new mail, a windows popup will alert you. For retrieving email from IMAP and POP3, you have an SSL plug-in available in the application that allows downloading. Thanks to the Idle IMAP feature included at every new email arrived, you will be notified accordingly.


What I didn’t like about POP Peeper is the lack of filters in sorting out the spam emails. And maybe some changes to the announcement window and interface elements would be great.

 System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10

Processor: Pentium IV or above


Free Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more.

How To Install?

  • Download latest version from below links
  • Install program & do not run
  • Copy Crack And Replace To Install Directory
  • Done!

POP Peeper Pro 6.6.2 Crack With Registration Key 2023

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